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1 Jul 2017

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Unlocked Phone


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Posted By Jenny A.

There was a time, not too long ago, when the pundits and other assorted prognosticators were predicting doom and gloom for RIM-based devices, simply because they were not open and their operating system was old, however, Apple has dispelled that notion not only with new versions of its own operating system iOS for its iPhone series, but with applications that let the iPhone work with Android applications as well as Microsoft apps.

That is exactly the same situation at Research in Motion, maker of the Blackberry series of smartphones such as the RIM Blackberry Bold 9900. For starters, the manufacturer has aimed this directly at the AT+T and T-Mobile market by allowing it to work in 3G mode, at a minimum. With changes that are likely to come in later versions of the RIM Blackberry operating system (now 10), it is likely that the Bold 9900 will be offering WiFi a/b/g/n capabilities, as well as hotspot ability.

And improvements in the operating system have not only expanded its Bluetooth ability but also its ability to make full use of Bluetooth devices for streaming audio. Bluetooth is another method of using and addressing great sound capability. It is made for more than just earpieces and messaging devices.

That the 9900 has been thoroughly enhanced can be shown by one feature, voice activation. As the operating system and electronics packages have been upgraded, the 9900 offers voice-activation of any of the many applications that have been written to work under the Blackberry operating system.

The key to the Blackberry operating system, like iOS, is that RIM is stepping beyond just its own hardware and is offering a series of applications that let a user have access to offerings from Apple or from Pandora or from Microsoft. That means one has quite a variety of software from which to choose and use.

Further, the 9900 boasts a new liquid-style capacitive touchscreen so that you have the option of not only using the full QWERTY-style keyboard with which the 9900 comes equipped, but you also have access to nearly 16 million color combinations from the nearly 3-inch display screen that sits neatly atop the keyboard. Indeed, the built-in keyboard is a great feature if you are into texting or sending and receiving corporate or personal email as Bold offers an application that works with Microsoft's Exchange server. The upgrades to the 9900 and its operating system are likely to offer not only mail through RIM's own system, but, if you look closely at the applications that are available, you will likely find there is now an iOS-compatible mail application.

Using the keyboard and your thumbs, you will find that it is easier and quicker to prepare and send an email or text than it is when you have to not only have to dedicate part of your screen (if your smartphone has a larger screen, in the first place) then you have to lose part of your screen to the keyboard and you will likely find that you have to use a stylus to write your email. The QWERTY-style keyboard, on the other hand, is there and all you have to do is thumb your email or text and send it. It is far easier and quicker to work with.

Another change you will find is that the 9900 offers a menu-style pushbutton that not only allows you to navigate the screen, but you can also use it to access an application. Earlier Blackberry models used a button-like device on the side not only to navigate but also to advocate an application by just pressing the button.

Finally, the Bold 9900 offers full GPS and mapping capability.

Altogether, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is a good device. As an upgrade, it shows that there is still room on the market for proprietary devices. All it takes is the proper application, especially if they are developed by the company so you know they work correctly from the start with no problems.


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